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The Grimoire of Spells

The Grimoire of Spells


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The Grimoire of Spells - Necessary Magic

- Secure Heavy Duty Elastic-cord Binding
- Sumptuous High Gothic Embossed Detail on Ruby Red Leather
- A5 Size
- Inspired by real Ancient Grimoires
- The perfect player roleplay - or real magic - accessory
- Refillable
- Includes four internal notebooks - Lined, Squared, Plain and Craft
- Featuring card holders, paper management slots, and pen straps
- Intricately detailed draw string caps
- ‘Animus Spiritus Corpus Sigil’ Page marker included
- Comes with gilt-embossed draw-string velvet dust bag

Call on the mighty unseen forces of magic. Bend reality to your will. Heal the living - or rule the undead. Whatever your particular school of sorcery, The Grimoire of Spells will be your Book of Shadows. When your every word is imbued with power you must make certain that none are forgotten. Traverse peril with a spellspeaker’s ease, and use the Grimoire as a record of your mystical adventure - the strong elastic cord binding ensures that it remains sealed even when packed full of your writings and sketches. Let the grimoire inspire you.

(Size Chart)