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The Critical Hit Journal

The Critical Hit Journal


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The Critical Hit Journal - The Dice Shall Obey

- Secure Brass Stud Binding
- A5 Size
- Intricately detailed artisanal embossing inspired by Victorian Design
- An Ideal Journal for Players
- Refillable
- Includes Four Internal Notebooks - Lined, Squared, Plain and Craft
- Featuring card holders, paper management slots, and pen straps
- Detachable bronze D20 dice
- Comes with gilt-embossed drawstring velvet dust bag
- Includes FREE Leather Dice Bag in Matching Colour!

Finally, a Notebook that honours your imagination. When your destiny depends on a single dice roll and every detail counts, quickly reference notes in urgent circumstance with our Critical Hit Journal. Designed for players new and old, the beautiful, thoughtful design embossed on this most exquisitely hand-crafted journal reflects on how all of our destinies are so deeply entwined with chance and fickle fate. In the most dire situation, the Critical Hit journal will be your good luck charm. Enfold your adventure in each page, and let no moment of heroism go unremembered.

(Size Chart)