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Terra - Fine Alchemy Soap

Terra - Fine Alchemy Soap


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Terra - Fine Soap Inspired by ancient Alchemy.

Smoothing and softening, Terra is inspired by the element of earth, and provides a rich and gentle exfoliation to nourish and soothe.

Infused with indulgent honey, and containing real mildly-cleansing oats, Terra is suitable for delicate skin. Honey and oats moisturise, restore the skin barrier, reduce inflammation, and regulate skin tone.

The quintessence of honey is an essential component of alchemy. Highly-antibacterial and enriching, honey is an ancient curative. When paired with the gentle lather and milk of real oats, honey provides unmatched nourishment and nutrient-dense moisture.

Using clean hands, wet soap and apply to fingers or sponge. Gently massage to exfoliate.

- Honey and Oats
- 120g
- Fine Cleansing Soap
- Cellophane Wrapped
- Cruelty-free
- Handmade in England

(Size Chart)