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POTION - Gaming Hipflask

POTION - Gaming Hipflask


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Stash away your potion of choice and restore hitpoints with the newest addition to your daily carry - the POTION gaming hipflask!

An elegant accessory or gift for gamers, the stylish matte-black stainless steel hipflash features a fully precision-engraved frontal piece, decorated with mystic emblems of ancient alchemy.

The Alchemists sought to create the Elixir Vitae - The Elixir of Life - a mythical potion that would grant the imbiber immortality. Possessing hundreds of names across many different cultures, the Gaelic name for the 'water of life' is Uisce Beatha - Whiskey! Now that's what we call a healing potion!

- Lavishly engraved
- Elegant Matte Black Stainless Steel
- Great Gift for Gamers
- Traditional screw-cap
- Holds 0.17L

Designed by AJ Hateley

(Size Chart)