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Ignis - Fine Alchemy Soap

Ignis - Fine Alchemy Soap


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Ignis - Fine Soap Inspired by ancient Alchemy.

Warm and sensual, Ignis is inspired by fire, and provides a deep and invigorating exfoliation to brighten and cleanse.

Infused with Patchouli oil and Rose, and containing real skin-renewing poppy seed and loofah, Ignis cleanses the skin with a light rose-coloured lather.

In herbology, Patchouli is said to ignite passion. A staple in ancient monastery gardens, rose has been used for centuries to heal damaged skin, and has long been treasured for its romantic aroma.

Using clean hands, wet soap and apply to fingers or sponge. Gently massage to exfoliate.

- Patchouli and Rose with Poppy Seed
- 120g
- Fine Exfoliating Soap
- Cellophane Wrapped
- Cruelty-free
- Handmade in England

(Size Chart)