Dark Gaming Urban Legends - Collection

Dark Gaming Urban Legends - Collection


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Let the darkest gaming legends unfold...

Based on the creepiest Gaming Urban Legends, this series of book cover style art prints explores the history of gaming at its most chilling!

Ben Drowned - A young man buys a mysterious N64 cart at a yard sale and documents the strange experiences he has whilst playing it. Is it just a glitch, or are there ghostly forces at work?

Lavender Town Syndrome - The early nineties saw the release of one of the most successful Gameboy games of all time - but did one of that game's songs have dark consequences for those that listened to it?

Polybius - Portland, Oregon. 1981. An odd arcade cabinet begins to appear overnight in regional arcades - This is 'Polybius', a highly addicting space shooter that has strange, inexplicable effects on the gamers that play it. Even more curiously, it seems that each evening, data from the cabinets is collected by men in black suits. Soon after, it disappears from arcades forever.

Evil Otto - Has a game ever been responsible for actually killing a player? The evidence is unclear, but in the case of Evil Otto - it just might be the case...

Each collection comes signed by the artist, AJ Hateley and includes a free collectible art card.

- Set of four prints
- ISO A3 297mm × 420mm
- High GSM Archival Quality heavyweight cardstock with a matte finish.
- Ships rolled with certificate of authenticity


Signed by A J Hateley

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