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Gaming Lip Balms - Rogue's Caress, Bard's Blessing, Charm Person

Gaming Lip Balms - Rogue's Caress, Bard's Blessing, Charm Person


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Trio of Gametee Theraputics fantasy tabletop inspired Lip Balms.

Are you a Handsome Rogue? A Charming Person? Or a Bard whose Blessing is delivered with a kiss? Our all new Gaming Lip Balms set is here - inspired by our favourite classes and abilities from Tabletop fantasy games.

Featuring delicious new flavours that are guaranteed to grant proficiency in persuasion, including Coconut Rum, Tia Maria and refreshing Gin and Tonic.

Our Lip Care is made in England using natural ingredients that are paraben-free and certified not tested on animals. Includes all three lip balm flavours, plus travel sleeve.

Each tin contains 10ml of Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil based Balm. Apply as required for soft, kissable, moisturised lips. Vegan friendly.

- Unisex Lip Care

- Luxury Gaming Lipbalms
- Contains all three flavours
- Rogue's Caress - Coconut Rum Flavoured
- Charm Person - Tia Maria (Coffee Liqueur) Flavoured
- Bard's Blessing - Gin and Tonic Flavoured

- Applies clear in colour
- Perfect geek gift for men and women

(Size Chart)