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ENDURANCE +1 Tattoo Care Kit

ENDURANCE +1 Tattoo Care Kit



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Endurance +1 Tattoo Care Kit

Make your precious ink ENDURE with our Endurance +1 Tattoo Care Kit! Contains an ultra-precise Total Sun Block stick and rehydrating Aloe Vera cream. Maintain your beautiful ink with Endurance +1!


Sunlight damage causes blurring and fading to tattoos - light colours dull quickly, and blacks can turn green or blue after exposure to the sun. The sun's ultraviolet rays can cause the skin to wrinkle, dry, and even spot. Inked skin should be protected from sunlight damage as much as possible - just like a precious masterpiece in an Art Museum. Keep our convenient travel-sized total sunblock on hand for quick and precise application, whenever necessary.


Ancient Egyptians knew the Aloe Vera as the 'Plant of Immortality' - used medicinally for centuries, the nutritional and antioxidant properties of the plant encourage faster healing of the skin. Aloe Vera acts as a moisturiser, replenishing and hydrating dry skin. Use our Endurance Aloe Vera cream when you've been out in the sun or wind to refresh and soothe, or as an effective aftersun treatment.

- BONUS - Also contains TWO MYSTERY GIFTS - and the attractive tin can be repurposed as a desk tidy or upcycled as a miniature planter.

- Contains 8g Total Sun Block Stick
- 30g Endurance Aloe Vera cream
- Two mystery gifts
- Collectible tin

DISCLAIMER - These products are not for use until your tattoo has healed entirely. Please follow your tattooist's recommendations and do not apply products to broken skin.

(Size Chart)