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AER - Fine Alchemy Soap

AER - Fine Alchemy Soap


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Aer - Fine Soap Inspired by ancient Alchemy.

Creamy and rejuvenating, Aer is inspired by the element of air, and provides a deep, windswept masculine fragrance. Beautifully swirled with patterns inspired by wind currents, Aer foams with a soft blue non-staining lather.

Infused with notes of sandlewood and natural oils, Aer lathers luxuriously and leaves a sumptuous fragrance. Nourishing and gentle, we recommend Aer as a soap for those that enjoy aromatic notes of aftershave.

Using clean hands, wet soap and apply to fingers or sponge. Gently massage to create a cleansing, luxuriant scented lather.

- Sandlewood and Oils
- 120g
- Fine Moisturising Soap
- Cellophane Wrapped
- Cruelty-free
- Handmade in England

(Size Chart)