Gametee, a luxury videogame merchandise store, was founded by two sisters with a life-long passion for games. With the help of 582 inspirational Kickstarter backers who believed in our dream, we, A.J. and Lucy Hateley, were able to fund our first production run of high quality, premium gaming t-shirts.

Since then, Gametee has quickly grown to be the preferred choice of stylish gamers who want to look great, feel comfortable, and wear with pride. We deeply love what we do, and we are committed to good business ethics, sustainable production, and fully supporting the gaming community.

We are an 100% Independent British business.

Every day we are humbled and grateful when we remember those who helped make our dream a reality. We are now proudly home to some of the world's finest videogame merchandise.

At Gametee, our mission is clear. We aim to provide the gaming community with the finest, high quality videogaming merchandise and apparel. We know the value of videogames. In them, you can learn, fight, cooperate, and construct. You can be inspired. A videogame can mean so much to an individual and here at Gametee we share your passion for gaming. We understand how a game can make you feel. We know games and we know the gaming community.
At Gametee, we are inspired by every game we have played and loved. Our cool gaming t-shirts are wearable and stylish, and our designs have been informed by the best loved games of the past and present. We are committed to gaming, and to excellence, and we are the world's first luxury brand for gamers.

Gametee was founded on the principle that the videogame is a meaningful art form - that's why we specialise in videogame art. We aim to create products that echo and complement our values. Each is created with care and attention to detail. That’s why Gametee products should always be worn with pride.


Every product that we create is made responsibly and with the utmost care and love. We only use garments with Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) alongside the finest quality, ecologically sound printing processes.

Our treasured gaming artists are given full accreditation and financial support. We work closely alongside them to create original, beautiful, intelligent, and technically masterful pieces inspired by videogames and fine art.

All of our products are guaranteed sweat-shop free and each is designed, printed and hand-finished in Great Britain. We are proud to be involved in regular donations to Gaming and Women's Charities.

We hand-craft the highest quality videogame merchandise at prices that aim to be affordable within all budgets.

We cherish and treasure the support of our customers worldwide and they bring warmth, joy and purpose to our lives. We create each design with them in mind and we are always open to suggestions.

Thank you for choosing Gametee. Your support and custom is always appreciated.